Luxury super-soft playdough recipe to make at home

I’ve made a few variations of this recipe throughout the year – orange for Halloween, white for Christmas – and now black with glitter and stars for our Constellations theme last week. And it’s AMAAAAAZING! It’s so easy to make – so here you go – here’s all you need to get started: 1 cupContinue reading “Luxury super-soft playdough recipe to make at home”

Rabbie Burns @ weePLAY

Balloch Park was lovely as always for us to celebrate all things Scottish & Rabbie Burns. We spent the morning designing tartan, creating haggis, and making playdoh shortbread. Everyone was delighted to be reunited with their friends after the long Xmas break – and we welcomed 4 new wee faces to our weePLAY session. TheContinue reading “Rabbie Burns @ weePLAY”