About Us

Tree in Balloch park

weeSTEMs bridges the gap between formal learning and free-play. Children are brilliant scientists and being a primary school teacher I’ve noticed there’s a steep decline in children’s ability to maintain their scientific enquiry as they advance through school – and so I wanted to create sessions where children are encouraged to continue to develop their natural sense of wonder.

Each session will encourage children to explore a set of themed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) concepts at their own pace and through their own means of enquiry. Throughout each session there will be conceptual teaching and encouraging of following instructions balanced with child-led learning where each child gets to have a go at the experiments for themselves and explore concepts at their own pace.

Sessions take place outside in woodlands in order to allow children to use as many natural resources as possible. There is also ample scientific evidence on the many health benefits to playing and learning outdoors.

We believe that weeSTEMs is the perfect balance of learning and playing and each session is bespoke through continuous editing and adapting to suit the interests and abilities of its participants.

We really hope you’d like to come and learn with us – feel free to contact us using the button below if you’ve got any questions.

What People Say

My boys absolutely loved the sessions! We can’t wait to come back for more.

Mum, 2 boys (aged 5 & 2)

Thank you for a fabulous morning learning outdoors.

Mum, 1 girl (aged 18 months)

Very engaging sessions which helped my child explore several scientific ideas.

Dad, 2 boys (aged 5 & 1)

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