Rabbie Burns @ weePLAY

Balloch Park was lovely as always for us to celebrate all things Scottish & Rabbie Burns. We spent the morning designing tartan, creating haggis, and making playdoh shortbread.

Everyone was delighted to be reunited with their friends after the long Xmas break – and we welcomed 4 new wee faces to our weePLAY session.

The STEM focus this week was M=Maths – we learned about pattern and used measure to create a balanced repeating pattern when designing a new tartan. We studied established tartans to see how blocks of different sizes are used in repetitive patterns for effect. The children chose whether to measure in cm or inches, and then chose colours to repeat as well as thick or thin pieces.

As well as the themed tasks, everyone got a chance to search for bugs, develop their proprioception, recognise letters, develop their fine-motor-skills, develop their negotiating skills whilst den-building with peers, explore balance and the physics of falling with a variety of materials, pre-writing skills using chalk to mark-make, used their imagination when creating menus and recipes in the mud-kitchen, and told stories using the story stones.

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